"Working with Crystal has been an amazing and life altering experience for me. She is patient and kind, and always comes from a place of love and authenticity. I've had my energies and Chakras cleared and immediately felt a shift within myself. As a result, I feel more focused and motivated. It has renewed my hope and has filled me with more determination and has helped me have a refreshed outlook on life."--A.C.

“I tend to be skeptical about anything I can't see, hear or touch. Crystal reached in, beyond my skepticism, through my resistance and beneath my resignation. She saw things she couldn’t have known about. In a physical way, my balance has returned and my back no longer hurts- I can walk up and down two flights of stairs without holding on and pulling up with the rail. I can stand on one foot at a time again! And much more important... I’m clear on my work on this planet. My sense of self, of purpose, of possibly, and of future has returned.” ~ Bernie Sirelson, Piano Instructor/Composer/Artist 

"I had the extraordinary privilege of having 2 sessions with Crystal Iserhoff and to say they are beneficial only touches the surface. It's another-worldly experience bringing so much to the surface of how we are truly a spiritual being, and in my case, healing old and recent wounds on a human level! My life has already showed signs of improvement and I highly recommend you give yourself over to the gift this woman has in seeing what is keeping you back from living your best life!"  ~ Pilar Walsh, Actress/Writer/Jewelry Designer

"I just had my first hypnotherapy session with Crystal. I feel so relaxed and serene. I feel that everything is right in the world. I feel that I am being guided and that I can trust. It is an amazing feeling to trust in mind, body, and spirit. 


I have worked with many coaches and hypnotherapists but Crystal was able to go deeper than anyone before and helped me to unearth some hidden blocks which were really hindering me. It was powerful! I am so happy to see with such clarity. Such an eye-opener!!


During the meditation/visualization I was able to see a big golden door of opportunity opening. I knew that this door wouldn't allow me to play small anymore. Crystal was able to see me with a Buddhist teacher/monk who was performing some ritual for me. To me this symbolized my rite of passage, transitioning from "transition mode" to entering the world of my dreams. 


After my session, I unexpectedly learned about a healing ceremony I can attend later this month. A powerful sign that I must attend! The focus of the ceremony is rites of passage/empowerment. The person leading the ceremony will be sharing ancient wisdom with us from the Andes. I am beyond excited! This is perfect!!


I am so excited to see what will unfold with this ceremony, my new mindset, and continuing to work with Crystal. I feel so relieved and empowered. I am so happy! I highly recommend working with Crystal if you are ready to dive deep, feel great, and get in the flow of your life. Don't delay!"


Hope you are great!   Much joy, ☀️☀️☀️  Khristee

"As I was going through career changes and doing multiple job interviews, my session with Crystal Iserhoff provided a much needed grounding, calming of my mind, boosting of my confidence, and acceptance of myself through whatever changes I might be facing. She is a genuinely loving and accepting professional, with a profound sense of purpose and deep appreciation for collective and individual potential. I felt more connected to a loving universe after my session with Crystal, and in greater touch with my capacity for joy."


Much Love Tracy

"Crystal has a keen sense of intuition that she infuses in her work. Her guidance has helped me to see the my issues from a broader perspective, allowing me to approach a problem in a completely different way than I would have on my own. I am truly grateful for her ability to listen and provide feedback that gets to the heart of an issue. She is a gifted coach and hypnotherapist!"  Thank you, Julie

"I am writing to thank you for your guidance and help; I was recently struggling in my daily life and felt like I was going down the rabbit hole quickly. I was holding on to old tapes and taking on the negative energy from holding on to past beliefs. Thanks to your philosophies and teachings I am striving and have a sense of purpose. You have guided me through many tough times and through your experience, strength and hope you have enabled me to change my thought process in order to get back on track. Your healing sessions have proven to be consistent and very helpful, thank you for holding the space for me to see the light. You are truly a blessing, a great teacher." 

Thank you again for all your help, Richard

"I think it's great that in your healing session, the lack of blame seem to come naturally to you. I think your instinct to help others is strong-it's quite a gift-because you can share concrete tools to help and have a positive impact on the lives of others.”  --Joanne P.